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Want Squeaky Clean? Easy!

Like you, we don't particularly enjoy cleaning up. That's why we strive to make products that makes the process less painful. This means manufacturing products that are powerful in removing dirt, grease and grime, so you spend less time cleaning.

Our Meldis™ Cleaning range comprises products that help you get rid of bacteria and viruses on floors, toys, appliances, table tops, bathrooms and just about anything. Want to remove unsightly algae? Our pine disinfectant gels help you to do just that, and more. To meet various business needs, we make products that are heavy-duty, or of regular strength.

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Bulk orders and customisation:

We create specially formulated cleaning products at the request of our customers. These products are not displayed in our online Shop.

Explore our customised range of cleaning products:

  • Meldis™ Calming Sanitising Air Freshener (DEA111)
  • Meldis™ Zen Anti-bacterial Air Freshener (DEA200)
  • Meldis™ Power Anti-bacterial Air Freshener (DEA230)
  • Meldis™ Floral Disinfecting Deodoriser (DEA111B)
  • Meldis™ Regular Dishwashing Detergent (DAW101)
  • Meldis™ Regular Disinfecting Floor Cleaner (FCA107)
  • Meldis™ Sanitising Cleaner With Eucalyptus Oil (ABA500)
  • Meldis™ Multipurpose Cleaner (FCA106)








To order, click the button below.