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Shower Essentials

Shower Happy

When it comes to making shampoos and shower gels, we believe in being a little fussy, so you shower happy.

This means we use wholesome stuff  like natural plant extracts and emollients that are good for you. Then, we make sure our products are pH-balanced.

Not acidic, not alkaline. That's because shower products that are off kilter on the pH scale tend to dry out and irritate your skin. So we make products that match your skin's natural pH levels, to keep your skin nourished.

Our popular range of Shower Essentials help people with different skin types because we understand not one size fits all.

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Bulk orders and customisation:

We can manufacture shower products according to your needs when you order in bulk for wholesale distribution, or when you require regular deliveries. Products that we have customised for our clients are not listed in the Shop pages.

If you'd like to order any of the products below, please contact us to get a quote.

Here's a list of our customised Meldis™ shower products :

  • Cool Care After Shave (SHV100)
  • Anti-bacterial Shower Gel (SHB202)
  • Pampering Hair Care (SHA107)
  • Essential Care Body Wash (SHA110)
  • Calming Hair and Body Shampoo (SHA700)
  • Refreshing 2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash (SHA115)
  • Skincare Body Wash (SHB102)
  • Suncare Hair Shampoo (SHB300)
  • Breeze Hair & Body Wash (SHA600)
  • Divine Hair & Body Shampoo (SHA104)
  • Moisture Plus Hair Shampoo (SHA101)

These products are in 5-litre packaging. Multi-quantity packaging is available upon request.


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