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Luxurious Spa Treats Made With Traditional Chinese Medicinal Herbs

Generations all over the world have consumed traditional Chinese herbs to strengthen mind body. While these herbs have their place in soups and other gastronomical delights, they're good for your skin and hair too.

Whether you're after a shower gel that's good for whitening, or a shampoo to nourish dry hair or calm itchy scalp, traditional Chinese herbs are packed with natural goodness to help you achieve better well-being.

Our Meldis™ range of fine spa products are lovingly crafted from traditional Chinese herbs:

  • *Angelican Gigas Root Shampoo (CHR308), *commonly known as Dang Gui or 当归: Stimulates scalp to promote healthy hair growth 
  • Poria Cocos Shower Gel (CHR400): Firming, boost production of collagen to strengthen skin
  • Planoxia Ginseng Body Wash (CHR408): Anti-ageing
  • *Ganoderma Lucidum Mushroom Shampoo (CHR350), *known as Ling Zhi, 灵芝: Strengthens hair, prevents hair loss
  • *Goji Berry Essential Body Care (CHR412): known as wolfberry, or 杞: Antioxidants, anti ageing

and more.

Our products are in 5-litre packaging, and multi-quantity packaging is available upon request.

We work with spas and distributors to tailor products that best suit their customers. Talk to us, to discover new possibilities today.

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Essential Oil Range

Essential oils lift your senses and refresh you in more ways than one. More than that, they work wonders on skin and body. Little wonder that essential oils have their place in spas and the hospitality industry at large.

We've created the Meldis™ Essential Oil range to help our spa partners pamper their clients -- at affordable wholesale prices.

Our products include:

  • Eucalyptus Dream (EOR102)Used in saunas to deodorise and to help spa users breathe better in high temperatures
  • Lemongrass Shower Gel  (EOR202): Invigorating, with a distinctive Southeast Asian flavour
  • Rosemary Shampoo (EOR300): Enhances hair growth, keeps cuticles healthy
  • Lemon Verbena Body Wash (EOR208): Invigorating, boosts concentration
  • Relaxing Bergamot Shower Gel (EOR220): Calming
  • Basil Dream Body Was (EOR222):  Calming, helps to reduce stress
  • Invigorating Peppermint Shampoo (EOR302): Promotes blood circulation of the scalp
  • Frankincense Power Shower Care (EOR228):  Anti-ageing, reduces wrinkles
  • Essential Frankincense Shampoo (EOR398)Reduces hair loss



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